The Andalusian Horse: Riding in Lightness and Throughness

Spring Wood Farm Andalusian Horse at Stud For Sale

Ride Your Dream, Buy an Andalusian

Written May 18, 2013 by Marsha Heiden

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride the horse of your dreams? Can you feel the beautiful, strong, intelligent, and athletic horse whose natural balance is effortless to ride underneath you? The horse performs with the slightest use of your aids, every move you envision is performed with ease and perfection. Have you ever ridden such a horse?

If your answer is “no,” then let me introduce you to the Andalusian horse. The Andalusian horse has many names. An Andalusian horse may be referred to as “a Spanish horse,” “a Lusitano horse,” “a PRE,” “a Portuguese horse,” “a Spanish/ Portuguese horse,” or “a Lipizzaner.” Although there are some differences among these horses they all share bloodlines that originated on the Iberian Peninsula. The Iberian Peninsula that encompasses Spain and Portugal was under Moorish occupation for more than 700 years. This long period of occupation by the Moors resulted in the Iberian Peninsula being isolated from the balance of Europe. This isolation led to the circumstances that preserved these phenomenal horses that today are called Andalusians.  


The purchase of my first Andalusian horse in 2004 has allowed me to “Live the Dream.” Training Andalusian horses has been a profound gift that has provided me with new and unique learning opportunities. These horses have inspired a keen sensitivity to the nuances of preparing young horses for the world beyond my farm. This gift has come with a growing responsibility to assist other horsemen or women in finding and gathering correct information so that these precious horses will be brought to their full potential with love, respect, and kindness each and every step of their journey through life.

I hope to share the magic of the Andalusian horse with you in hopes that you can “Ride Your Dream” someday soon.